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Shekinah DNA Activation

Who is Shekinah?

(Shekhinah) is the spark of the Divine within us. She is the memory of God within us. She is the wisdom Goddess of the Kabbalah, the Divine feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit, and the burning bush. 

 A CLARION call. Specifically the blue ray Starseed and those that resonate to the 144,000.

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        TREE OF LIFE

What is the purpose of this activation?

The purpose of this activation is to enable you to connect with God/Divine/Source palpably. I am just here to help you gradually become the Mystic that you are destined to be.

Being close to God is divine love, divine presence, divine wisdom, and ultimate spiritual protection.

What is the Process?

 I will be doing Light Language on you as well as guiding you through a channeled meditation that will activate your DNA to be in resonance with new Divine frequencies. 





What are the benefits?

You may notice a deeper sense of Peace within. You may feel a deeper connection with All that Is.  Your psychic abilities may become more pronounced and you will have a feeling and a knowing that you are deeply connected to God.  Your memories of past lives may be restored. The benefits can be limitless and immediate. They may continue to unfold more deeply over time but specifically over a three-year bandwidth.


"I don't really know where to begin. I need atleast 3 pages. I'll just say I felt called to receive this activation and I am so thankful that it is available here through Amanda. -Lisa

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