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Does Long Distance Reiki Work?

Through Reiki I have been able to create miracles through the power of the Holy Spirit. All healings are by Divine Will. I also send Reiki Long Distance for assistance with Insomnia, Stress, Depression, anxiety,  pain management, or simply for deep relaxation. It really does work. Take a look at my reviews. 




Why does Reiki Blend with Light Language?

I knew that Reiki blended with Light Language because the language would spontaneously rush out of me any time I was working on a client. It began to make sense as I knew that reiki imbued the body with Light codes and Light Language is full of light codes that directly activate the DNA. They go hand in hand. I like to say that reiki primes the body for DNA activation.

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I have been suffering with ALS and my right leg lost all feeling. When Amanda was kind enough to come to my house, she did a reiki treatment on me and a miracle happened! After she left, the next morning, my leg was completely healed!!!!! All sensation came back to my leg!!!! I'm crying right now..... -Alberta

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